Church Tower

It is worth to know the town centre, with interesting monuments like the São Sebastião Chapel (16th century); the Nossa Senhora do Pópulo Church (16th century);

railway station

daily life aspects

The typical daily fruit market

Caldas da Rainha region has also quite fertile soils, and is known for the quality of its products, mainly in what concerns to fresh fruit.
Also quite interesting and typical is the lovely República Square that still conserved many of its 19th century buildings and is also known as “Praça da Fruta” (Fruit Square) as every morning takes place an vegetable and fruit open air market that also sells one of the towns greatest production: ceramics, with the most diversified kind of pieces

Park D. Carlos, at Caldas da Rainha City centre

The D. Carlos I Park with many facilities like ponds, tennis court, bandstand or esplanade. This wonderful park gives access to the wonderful José Malhoa Museum from the 19th century, with important collections of Portuguese art,
which highlight is obviously t
he work of this great Portuguese artist: José Malhoa (1855 - 1933).

art nouveau

During the 19th and 20th centuries, Caldas da Rainha begins to be one of the holidays and leisure points of the Aristocracy.

Caldas da Rainha town centre thermal spa and hospital

SPA Hospital

Watercolour painting at Museu José Malhoa

A painting from the famous painter José Malhoa

some museums at Caldas da Rainha

arts centre

Zé Povinho, the XIX century famous figure, used for political criticism, that symbolized the oppressed and illiterated Portuguese People.

Jose Malhoa Museum

Pottery Museum

In fact, Caldas da Rainha region has an high museum interest, with places like the Hospital Museum, the Ceramics Museum, the Atelier-Museums António Duarte and João Fragoso, the Artistic Faiences Bordalo Pinheiro museum or the Factory Secla Museum.

Caldas da Rainha town centre

Caldas da Rainha town centre
Silver coast, Portugal

Ceramic museum of local unique pottery heritage

Ceramic museum of local unique pottery heritage
Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
Pottery from Bordalo Pinheiro factory, in Caldas da Rainha:

Traditional pottery from Caldas da Rainha

Traditional pottery from Caldas da Rainha
Silver coast, Portugal

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